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Insight Manager Installation Services & Deployment

Today's distributed enterprise networks are some of the most complex ever constructed. As companies deploy more and more business-critical applications, these networks continue to rapidly expand becoming more sophisticated and harder to manage. In this fast-changing environment, manageability and management have become one of the leading success criteria for today's highly competitive business environment.

Compaq Insight Manager is a comprehensive management tool to monitor and control the operation of Compaq servers and clients and DIGITAL X86 and Alpha-based servers.

Compaq Insight Manager consists of two components: a Windows-based console application (Figure 1), and server- or client-based management data collection agents. Management Agents monitor over 1,000 management parameters. Key subsystems are instrumented to make health, configuration and performance data available to the agent software. The agents act upon that data, by initiating alarms in the event of faults, and by providing updated management information, such as network interface or storage subsystem performance statistics (Figure 2). With Compaq Insight Manager, you have real control over your systems, with monitoring and alerting capabilities for the critical systems in your distributed enterprise.

Figure 1

Compaq Insight Manager continues the Compaq tradition of delivering industry-leading scalability and management functionality by taking advantage of the pervasive Web style of computing to provide access to Insight Manager Device and Configuration information from everywhere there is network access.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive fault management - allows proactive management of the distributed enterprise by alerting in advance of system failures. Alarms can be sent to systems administrator via electronic mail or pager. Also, Windows NT monitoring capability allows faster determination of the root cause of system and application faults by being able to quickly determine if an event is caused by hardware or software.
  • Broad configuration management - detailed inventory collection, Insight Version Control and Integration Server Maintenance enable effective deployment and maintenance of consistent, manageable configurations.
  • Performance management/resource utilization - helps to determine how servers are utilized. The ability to monitor and report on exceeded thresholds helps identify performance bottlenecks and keep systems running at peak levels.
  • Remote management - minimizes costly downtime by supporting a full complement of remote maintenance and control facilities that assist in quick recovery from critical failures. Compaq Remote Insight board and ProLiant Integrated Remote Console ensure customers are never out of touch with their systems, even when they are off-line or without power.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduces system management cost by providing centralized fault, configuration and performance information.
  • Improves operational efficiency through extensive remote management capabilities.
  • Decreases server downtime through proactive fault management and version control.
  • Enhances information provided by existing enterprise management products such as HP OpenView and Tivoli NetView.

Compaq Advantage

  • Most comprehensive systems management across the widest range of operating systems.
  • Web based management for anytime - anywhere access to management information.
  • Breadth of remote management capabilities from in-band to out-of-band and configuration to diagnostics.
  • Predictive fault management and Pre-Failure Warranty for storage, memory and CPU.
  • Ability to provide up-to-date version control information for server and workstation firmware, drivers and utilities.
  • UPS management and multi-server shutdown capabilities.
  • Extensive online help documentation.
  • Integration with management software products such as BMC PATROL, Boole & Babbage Ensign, Cabletron SPECTRUM, CA Unicenter TNG, HP OpenView, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Seagate Nervecenter Pro, SunNet Manager and Tivoli NetView.

Figure 2





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