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Compaq Insight Manager

Compaq Insight Manager is a comprehensive management tool to monitor and control the operation of Compaq servers and clients



The Digital Dashboard is the ultimate Knowledge management tool
To see a sample screen from a Digital Dashboard [click here].


Solutions We Provide
Here are a few of the solutions we can provide for your business, along with links to samples that will give you an idea of the experience we bring.

Compaq Insight Manager Installation Services & Deployment
Compaq Insight Manager Installation Services will allow users to begin leveraging the features of Compaq Insight Manger for their Compaq environments seamlessly and transparently.    

To learn more about Compaq Insight Manager and how it can help solve your network problems, [click here].

Digital Dashboard the Ultimate Knowledge Management Tool
A digital dashboard provides a powerful tool that knowledge workers can use to view their daily activities, collaborate with co-workers, and gain insight into the performance of the company. It ensures that knowledge workers have the information and expertise they need to properly assess and act upon business opportunities.

To learn more about the New Digital Dashboard, [click here].

Custom Microsoft Office and Access Applications
We specialize in creating custom database applications. We have several Microsoft Certified Solution Developers on staff, and knows the ins and outs of form, report, and application design for Microsoft Access. We can also help you integrate Microsoft Office components to manage your company's data effectively.

Visual Basic Programming
Whether your project needs a little code or a lot, we're ready to jump in the trenches with Visual Basic or VBA, the programming language of Microsoft Office.

[click here]to see a sample data-entry form from a resource scheduling solution we developed for the FAA.

[click here]to see a sample from our asset and issue-tracking database application.


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